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January 22, 2018
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April 15, 2016
We found this website and thought it would be a great resource for young drivers

Check it out

March 03, 2015
New OMV Policy.....Every Student that has taken driver education after 11/1/14 must take the OMV Road Skills test at a driver education school. The Office of Motor Vehicles will no longer allow drivers license applicants to take the test there.

July 29, 2014
Southwest Safety Training is happy to announce that we will be renewing class D and class E driver's licenses in our office. Why wait at the DMV when we can get you on your way in a fraction of the time?

September 10, 2013
We have Driver Rehab. Services. Please call us for more information.

September 10, 2013
We have moved to 330 Guilbeau Rd. near Meche's Donuts. We also have 3 new vehicles to drive and a new coffee pot. Please come in and have coffee with us.

December 20, 2012
Southwest Safety Training is pleased to be able to continue to offer DMV Services such as Title Transfers, Renewal of Vehicle Registration, and Canceling License Plates for the public. Road Skills test can also be done at our office.

SSL Certificate
Commentary Driving

Commentary driving is conducted after defensive driving courses to demonstrate what was learned and to ensure that the student can apply what were taught in the lecture based course.  A student is taken out on the road with an instructor and must tell the instructor what they are doing on the road when driving, what they are looking at, demonstrating proper following distance, and other defensive driving tactics.  This is a great follow up program that companies to ensure that their employees understand what they learned in defensive driving and can effectively implement these tactics into their driving.

Defensive Driving Course – 4 hours

A cost-effective way to ensure all your drivers develop safe, defensive driving habits and attitudes.  Participants learn essential defensive driving techniques that can reduce collision-related cost, injuries, and fatalities.  Can help reduce insurance claims, lost work time and vehicle repairs by lowering the number of collisions.

Defensive Driving Course – 6 hours

A training course for the Adult Learner.  Step-by-step teaching makes it easy to understand complex concepts.  Personal responsibility and driving; Making choices you can live with; rules of the road; the driving environment, including light, weather, roads and other traffic; Occupants safety devices, including safety belts, airbags and child safety seats.