We take pride in our excellent, professional service & serving Acadiana with quality customer service

Louisiana Licensed, Court approved, & the only school in Acadiana certified to train Handicap & the Blind (through Biotics). 

With our location in the heart of Lafayette and Youngsville, Southwest Safety leads Lafayette in driving excellence. It offers many safety courses, equipping small/large businesses, local government businesses, and the surrounding schools. Various driving and safety courses are offered here at Southwest Safety Training. With our 28 years of existence, we continue to offer excellent services for the surrounding areas. We offer many of your driver education needs and many other safety courses. We train employees for small and large businesses, local government employees, and surrounding schools.

Offered in 3 Languages:
English / Spanish / French


Contact Us:    337-989-0120
Two Locations:    LafayetteYoungsville


Get a Grant for to help pay for Driver's Ed 

We are thrilled to announce a grant for driver education training from the

Hagerty Driver's Foundation!

The Grant is inntended for beginning drivers, this is your chance to get financial assistance for top quality Driver Education.

Apply now on their website and accelerate towards safer roads!



38 Hour Drivers Ed            (14 yrs.9 mo.-17 yrs.) 

14 Hour Drivers Ed              (18 years & older)    

Defensive Driving       (Insurance Discounts) $50

Driver Improvement      (Traffic Violations) $50   

DUI Driving Course               (Court Ordered) $5

Commentary Driving                (For commercial) 



Rehab Driving Training:
(Physically or Mentally disabled) Hand controls provided
Bioptic Lens:
(Specialized training for those with uncorrectable vision.)



State Written Exam is facilitated in house with the course
Roads Skills Driving Test (SCHEDULE NOW)
($40) Fee not included in the training fee 

To upgrade to a Driver's License from a TIP/Learner Permit a Road Skills must be taken. To be eligible to take the Road Skills Exam, you must have completed a Driver's Education course and be a minimum of 16 years of age & have held the Learner's Permit for a minimum of 180 days, or be 17 years of age.


CPR & First Aid


CPR, AED, & First Aid

(Infant, Child, & Adult)

AHA Basic Life Support (BLS)

AHA online course & Skill Assessment

Blood Born Pathogens

CPR Instructor / Train the Trainer


Training, Testing, and Licensing all at one location. 
The only One-Stop-Shop providing services to all your driving needs.
See the Southwest Safety Auto Title for all the provided DMV services.

Upgrade ID Fees are not including in Driving Courses fees.


Watch the "Parent Meeting Video" 

(required by law for all 38-hour parents to watch)

We are currently updating our Video. Updates: School attendance later is no longer needed. 


Why Choose Southwest Safety Training, Inc.?

Hello, I am Rev. Dayne Huval, Southwest Safety Training, Inc.'s second-generation owner.  I was on the phone the other day with a customer and feel it necessary to share that conversation.  The customer asked me why Southwest Safety Training, Inc. and why is more expensive.  I responded to the customer and said, “Well, simply put, I believe we are the best school in the area, and this is why!  We are nearly a thirty-year-old driving school, which makes us the oldest school in Lafayette.  In those thirty years, we have become an industry leader. My mother and I are past Presidents of the Driving School Association of Louisiana.  When the Office of Motor Vehicles was charged with overseeing Driver's Education, we were one of a few schools chosen to inform the OMV on what Driver’s Education is as an industry.  I still hold an officer seat on the Louisiana Council on Driver Education and the Driving School Association of Louisiana.  We are one of only 3 or 4 recipients of the Driving School Association’s George Lee Award.  We are one of only five schools in Louisiana that have become driver rehab specialists, which trains students with physical and other disabilities how to drive.  In addition, we have three of only six Bioptic Telescopic Lens Driver Rehab Specialists, which means we provide training for the legally blind to drive a motor vehicle.  We have licensed and trained teachers from various school districts to work with students with learning disabilities.  We were the first driving school in Acadiana to open a Public Tag Agency, privatized DMV, to issue driver’s licenses, learner permits, renew vehicle registration, etc., to make it more convenient for our customers.  As a man of God, I insist on my staff's highest level of professionalism.  We have the largest fleet of driver’s education cars in Acadiana, so we can work more efficiently for our students and offer more classes to be more convenient for busy and tightly packed family schedules.  We offer English, Spanish, and French training, making Southwest Safety Training one of, if not the most, linguistically versatile driver education companies in the State. All our employees are CPR, AED, and First Aid certified. We are more expensive because we pay more for great employees to train our students better. I understand that in this economy, it is hard.  However, there are some things in life you should and shouldn’t pinch pennies on.  We teach the AAA Driver Education Curriculum, the best in the country.  When we train in the car, we do not cut corners and teach on our specialized curriculum.  We even teach parallel parking, which most of our competitors do not.  Our programs were created with one far-reaching principle! ‘How do we save lives?’  How do we improve our program? How can we better educate our students?  There are other decent schools out there.  There are some terrible ones, also.  I think that Southwest Safety Training is more than a school; it is an entity that promotes safe driving to save lives.  When deciding who will do the best job for your child, you should keep all these things in mind.  Put simply, I’ve made my company the best, most highly certified, most capable, most services provided, an abundance of expertise, most experienced, and an industry leader.  This is why 45,000 people in our parish have chosen our company.  I love our award-winning company, and I’m sure you will also.”  Thank you for reading this, and I look forward to working with you.